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Real Estate Transfer Tax

Instructions for Purchasing Transfer Tax Stamps
The following items are required in order to purchase Real Estate Transfer Tax stamps from the City of Highland Park: 

  1. Real Estate Transfer Tax Declaration Form - This form must be fully completed including two signatures. At least one of the grantors (or their agent) and at least one of the grantees (or their agent) must sign this form. 
  2. Disclosure Statement
  3. Copy of the New Deed - The City requires a copy of the deed that you will be filing with the Recorder of Deeds office. 

    When applying for an exemption, the City will need the original deed and sufficient proof of all facts necessary to establish the specific claimed exemption.   
    • Please note: Exemption ‘N’ requires a letter from the Director of Community Development or the Director of the Highland Park Land Trust.
  4. Water Utility Form - The forwarding address of the seller and the name of the buyer will be required on this form.  
    • Please note: A final water bill must be prepared and paid at the time of transfer tax stamp purchase. A final meter reading may be scheduled up to one week prior to closing. See #5 for acceptable forms of payment. 
  5. Payment - The following types of payment will be accepted: 
    • Cashier’s Check 
    • Certified Check 
    • A Check written on the account of, the attorney or law firm representing either the transferor or transferee 
    • Cash 
    • Title Company check

All checks must be made payable to: City of Highland Park. 


Stamps can be purchased in person or by mail at: 

City of Highland Park 
City Hall- Finance Department 
1707 St. Johns Avenue 
Highland Park, IL 60035