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2013 Central District Land Use and Urban Design Study

The objective of the proposed amendments is to strengthen Downtown Highland Park and create a more residential, pedestrian-oriented environment leveraging the area's many assets. 

The City Council initiated a discussion on May 27 to provide a more in-depth look at the proposal. The first presentation gave an overview of the proposal and the Plan Commission's recommendation to City Council. The second presentation on July 14th went into more detail about the reasons behind the Zoning Map changes and new development regulations. 

Upcoming presentations will focus on specific changes, such as residential density, building height, parking, urban design, connectivity, and planned development review triggers.

How were the proposed zoning code amendments developed?

Has the public had an opportunity to review and comment on the changes proposed?

Why change the zoning for the Central District area?

What will this proposal do if adopted?

What are the basics of the zoning proposal?

Does this zoning proposal call for significant increases in residential density?

What is the highest residential density the City currently allows?

How will this affect downtown parking?

Do the proposed zoning map or text amendments significantly expand the areas with the potential for retail development in the central district?

How long will it take to build out these plans?

What about the traffic and infrastructure demands of new development?