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Collective Bargaining

The City of Highland Park has collective bargaining agreements with four unions representing slightly over half of the City’s full time employees.

Current Collective Bargaining Agreements
Click the links below to view current collective bargaining agreements:     

Group Union Dates
Fire Fighters and Fire Lieutenants               International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 822 01/01/19-12/31/21
Police Officers Illinois Council of Police 01/01/16-12/31/18
Police Sergeants Teamsters, Local 700 01/01/16-12/31/18
Public Works (selected employees)       International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150                            01/01/16-12/31/18


Historical Collective Bargaining Agreements

Fire Fighters and Fire Lieutenants

 International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 822 01/01/16-12/31/18
 International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 822 05/01/13-12/31/15 
 International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 822 05/01/11-04/30/13
 International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 822 05/01/08-04/30/11

Police Officers

 Illinois Council of Police  01/01/13-12/31/15
 Illinois Council of Police                                           01/01/11-12/31/12 
 Teamsters, Local 700 01/01/08-12/31/10

Police Sergeants

Teamsters, Local 700   01/01/13-12/31/15 
Teamsters, Local 700                                             01/01/10-12/31/12

Public Works (selected employees)

International Union of Operation Engineers, Local 150  2013-12/31/15