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Municipal Service Wish List

The City of Highland Park is a quality community in large part due to the generosity of its residents; this generosity has made Highland Park a great place to live and work.  The City of Highland Park Municipal Services Wish List has been created to assist residents who would like to make monetary donations that will benefit Highland Park residents.

The City of Highland Park Municipal Services Wish List has been established to identify opportunities to supplement equipment, services, and other items needed by the City of Highland Park.  The items identified on this list will assist the City of Highland Park in its continuing efforts to deliver high-quality municipal services to the residents of the community.  Through wish list contributions, donors have the opportunity to receive tax deductions while the community benefits from donors’ benevolence.    

To show the City’s appreciation for received donations, the City of Highland Park will publicize donors’ names in The Highlander newsletter, which is sent to every residence in Highland Park, and on the City website.

The City of Highland Park welcomes suggestions for items to be purchased with monetary donations beyond those presented in the City of Highland Park’s Municipal Services Wish List.  For further information, please contact the City Manager’s Office at 847.926-1000.