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Assistance for Migrants

Q&A: Assisting Migrants in the Chicago Area

The City of Highland Park is committed to supporting individuals in need throughout our community, in alignment with our values. The City of Chicago, suburban Chicagoland counties and communities, and well-established community organizations are partnering to support newly-arrived migrants, many of whom do not speak English and are arriving in Illinois without housing, work permits, and warm clothes for winter. 

Many local organizations welcome donations to support their services to those in need. This holiday season, community members are encouraged to “give good” by focusing their charitable donations on the local organizations that are best positioned to address the critical issues that newly arrived migrants face, including food insecurity, housing, clothing and more.

The City has prepared the following Q&A to assist community members in understanding the roles of various governments and non-profit service organizations in assisting newly arrived migrants. Don’t see your question on the list? Please contact the City Manager’s Office at 847.926.1000 or for more information. 

What is meant by "migrants"? 

What is the City's role in supporting migrants arriving in Illinois?

What happens when migrants arrive in Illinois?

What resources does the State of Illinois provide to newly arrived migrants?

Why isn't Highland Park coordinating services for migrants to our area? 

What are Welcoming Centers?

Does Lake County have a shelter system?

What other organizations in Lake County may be able to help migrants get settled in their new home?

Are people allowed to ask for money in public places?

Are tents allowed on the public right-of-way?

How can Highland Parkers support newly arrived migrants?

What will the City do to help if someone declines resources or support?

What is a "Sanctuary City"?