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Wolters Field Advisory Group

Wolters Field Advisory Group

Minutes from the June 2018 meeting are available on the HPHS Wolters Field Website
The next meeting is still to be determined; information will be available on the website.

Wolters Field Issues
If there are any issues regarding Wolters Field, please contact You will receive a response within 24-48 standard business hours. District 113 is only able to address issues directly involving Wolters Field and not the surrounding area. If this is an issue regarding parking, traffic outside of Wolter's Field, or any matter related to an emergency, please contact the Highland Park Police Department.

Additional Updates  
Fifteen buses have been equipped with lower decibel back-up beepers and will be tested during the first months of the school year. We targeted buses that are the primary vehicles for the early bird routes. Back-up beepers are required on school buses for the safety of the passengers, drivers, and passers-by.

New signs outlining Ordinance No. 81-13 and respective fines will be installed prior to the start of the school year. Barricades have been purchased to improve the regulation of traffic on Athletic Drive.


Meetings are typically held June and November each calendar year.

Next Meeting 
May 21, 2019, 7 PM, Pre-Session Conference Room of City Hall, 1707 St. Johns Ave

Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Wolters Field Sound System / Acoustic Study
Special Use Permit Highlights

Accommodations to Neighbors of Wolters Field
Annual Reports

    City Councilman Adam Stolberg
    School District Official Stacey Meyer

    Judith Magel Cohen
    Mindy Deutsch
    Michele Goldstein
    John Helander
    Scott Lieberman

Staff Liaisons
    Police Chief Lou Jogmen, City of Highland Park
    Joel Fontane, City of Highland Park
    Jon Rowley, School District #113
    Eileen McMahon, School District #113
    Alena Laube, School District #113 

Other School District Representatives 
    Ron Kasbaum
    Bill Tellone

The Wolters Field Advisory Group is a joint committee between the City of Highland Park and School District #113. The Advisory Group takes into account the educational and extracurricular needs of the School District and students as well as the impact of the use of Wolters Field on the surrounding neighborhood. The Group considers lighting, sound, and vehicular traffic that may impact the area.