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Ravinia Festival Community Relations Commission


City Hall 
1707 St. Johns Ave.
Highland Park, IL 60035

  • Robert Smith, Chair - Term expires 2018
  • Ramona Choos, Vice-Chair - Term expires 2019
  • Michael L. Teich - Term expires 2021
  • David Newman - Term expires 2019    
  • Steven Feldman, Student Representative through 6/2019
  • Lucy Minor, Ravinia Board of Trustees -Indefinite term
  • Russell Jenkins, Senior Associate Director of Advertising and Creative - Ravinia Festival - Indefinite Term
  • Jim Schmitz, Facilities Director, Ravinia Festival Association - Indefinite term
  • Michelle Holleman, City Council Liaison
  • Jaemi Jackson, Staff Liaison - 847.926.1853
  • Police Department Representative
The Ravinia Festival Community Relations Commission consists of seven voting members (four members at large, three members recommended by the Ravinia Festival Association and appointed by the mayor serving with indefinite terms and one non-voting ex officio member from the City Council. The terms last for a period of four years each. No commission member may serve for more than two full consecutive terms. 

The Ravinia Festival Community Relations Commission regularly reviews and advises the City Council and the Ravinia Festival Association on neighborhood concerns. The commission was created in 1985 by the City and Ravinia Festival Association to seek citizen comment and to monitor the impact of the festival's activities on the community. 

The commission reviews proposals and advises the Ravinia Festival Association on planned capital improvements, as those improvements impact the City's Comprehensive Master Plan and the Ravinia neighborhood. Where those improvements may involve amendments to Ravinia Festival's Special Use Permit, the commission reviews the proposed amendments and provides comments to the Plan & Design Commission and City Council. 

For more information, please contact Andy Cross, at 847.926.1856 or by