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Joint Plan Commission


Highland Park City Hall             
1707 St. Johns Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035

Highwood City Hall
17 Highwood Avenue
Highwood, IL  60040

  • Ernie Reinstein, Vice Chair - Term expires 2022
  • Adam Hecht, Chair - Term expires 2022
  • Merle T. Cowin - Term Expires 2024
  • Adam Glazer - Term expires 2024
  • Andy Cross, Senior Planner, City of Highland Park Staff Liaison
  • Corporation Counsel, City of Highland Park
  • Kim Stone, City Council Liaison
  • Corporation Counsel, City of Highwood
  • Highwood City Administrator
* May be re-appointed to an additional four-year term.

The Joint Plan Commission consists of seven members: four from Highland Park and three from Highwood. The Joint Plan Commission shall have exclusive jurisdiction and exercise its powers on matters related to Fort Sheridan as conferred upon the Joint Plan Commission pursuant to the terms of the Highwood / Highland Park Intergovernmental Planning Agreement of 1996. 

For more information, please contact Andy Cross, staff liaison to the Joint Plan Commission, at 847.926.1856 or at