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Arts Award

Submit a 2024 Arts Award nomination.

Nominate a deserving individual, organization, business or resident for the Arts Award. Given annually, these awards recognize outstanding achievements or contributions to the arts in Highland Park. For the award, arts can include visual arts, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, or sculpture; performance, such as dance, theater, or music; architecture; and literature, including poetry, fiction or script writing; and web production and graphic design. 

Achievements will be recognized in the following categories:

Individual - An individual who has achieved artistic excellence, or who has made a significant contribution to his/her artistic discipline and to the arts in the community/local area.

Arts Volunteer - A volunteer who has consistently supported the arts through a commitment of personal time, energy and devotion.

Arts Organization - A non-profit organization that has made a substantial impact on the cultural development of the community as demonstrated through exceptional artistic achievement, outstanding programming or other leadership initiatives.

Arts Entities - An arts organization that provides arts programming for the community and makes a significant contribution to fostering the arts in the community. Such entities could be publishers, musical ensembles or theatrical groups.

Business or Corporation - A local business or corporation that has demonstrated a significant commitment to the arts, recognizing the imperative role of public/private partnership. This commitment may be in the form of financial, personal, and/or resource support.

Please submit nominations through the City's website by using the Online Form by March 3, 2023 at 5:00 PM. Current members of the Cultural Arts Advisory Group and past recipients of the Arts Award (formerly Mayor's Award for the Arts) are not eligible to apply. Nominations will be reviewed by the CAAG with final approval by the City Council. 

For more details contact Amanda Bennett, Staff Liaison to the Cultural Arts Advisory Group, at 847.926.1043 or

Past Winners

Year Winner
Rhoda Pierce
The Art Center
Ravinia Festival
no award given due to COVID-19

Chloe Schneider
Highland Park Poetry  
Gabrielle Rousso
2016 Susanna Calkins
2015 Jonathan Plotkin 
2014 Sandra Lewis
2013 Highland Park Public Library
2012 Irina Makkai Classical Ballet and Dance School 
2011 East on Central
2010 Highland Park High School Band under the direction of Dr. James Hile
2009 Carol Honigberg
2008 Amy Amdur
2007 Jack Blane
2006 Sumner Garte
2005 Raymond Geraci
2004 FOCUS ON THE ARTS – 20th anniversary
2003 Joan Kathyrn Weaver
2002 Highland Park Strings
2001 Mortimer Scheff 
2000 Joan Arenberg
1999 none – not enough nominations submitted
1998 Eileen Boevers
1997 Zarin Mehta
1996 Highland Park Players
1995 Ann Slavick
1994 Ann Rosen
1993 Larry Block
1992 Apple Tree Theatre
1991 Leonard Abrahamson, Sylvia Delman, Ruth Esserman
1990 Cortesi Family  and Delores Weinberg