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Biking in Highland Park

In September 2012, the City adopted the Highland Park BikeWalk2030 Master Plan. The BikeWalk Plan ensures pedestrian and bicycle connectivitiy with new proposed paths to existing paths and enhance safety.

The striping seen on City streets are called "Sharrows" or shared lane markings. With the installation of sharrows and bicycle safety signs, the City encourages both motorists and bicyclists to share the road for safe passage.

Illinois is a Share the Road state and the BikeWalk Plan shows City roadways where sharrows and signage are recommended. The grant-funded Bike Striping and Signage construction project entails sharrow striping, and sign posts on major roadways throughout the City.

The work for striping and signs began in May of 2017 with the striping phase. Phase 2 of the project calls for installation of metal sign posts that will support new signs that call out “Share the Road” as well as way-finding signs. Way-finding signs provide information such as the location and distance to select destinations such as Highland Park Hospital, various Bicycle Trails and Metra stations. The project is set to be complete in December, 2017.