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2017 Concrete Street Repair Program

This project opened on 7/14/2017.  To see results through QuestCDN, click on Project Results


Estimated quantities of proposed materials are:  2478 SY of Class B Patches, Type III, 7”, 2965 SY of Class B Patches, Type IV, 7”, 780 SY of Pavement Fabric, 200 SY of Sub-base Granular Material, Type B, 6”, 200 SY of HMA Driveway Pavement R&R, 156 SY of PCC Driveway Pavement R&R, 2688 LF of Curb and Gutter R&R, 300 SF of Sidewalk R&R, 300 LF of Urethane Pavement Markings, 597 SY of Topsoil 4”, Seeding with Erosion Control Blanket

For further information, please visit the Construction Projects page.