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Temple Ave, St Johns Ave & Sunset Rd Storm Sewer and Roadway Improvements

The bid opening for this project occured on June 15. For results, please see Project Results on QuestCDN.

The work consists of complete open cut installation of a new storm sewer along Temple Avenue and along St. Johns Avenue.  Proposed PVC SDR-26 pipe diameters and lengths vary from 6” at 10 feet, 8” at 10 feet, 10” at 7 feet, 12” at 1,352 feet, 18” at 4 feet and 24” at 7 feet.  76 feet of 8” water main is included. The existing pavement will be patched at locations where the proposed storm sewer is called out.  The entire pavement width is to be milled and resurfaced.

The work along Sunset Road consists of construction of new concrete curb and gutter.  The existing pavement will be milled and resurfaced. The surface course tonnage is 1,027 tons.  Binder course is noted at 1,394 tons.  6,437 feet of new concrete curb and gutter is included. Areas disturbed in this residential area will be restored with 4,877 square yards of sod.  The roadway will remain open to the public during construction.

For further information, please visit the Construction Projects page.