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Central Court - Alley Reconstruction Project

The bid opening for this project occured on June 2. For results, please see Project Results on QuestCDN.

The work consists of the reconstruction of the gravel pavement along the Central Court Alley.  The existing gravel pavement will be replaced with 1,275 square yards of an interlocking 3 1/8” thick interlocking permeable brick paver pavement.  The brick pavers will be placed over a 20 inch thick stone base. 2,290 feet of concrete curb will line the edge of the brick paver pavement.  The paver pavement will be drained with 580 feet of 6 inch pipe underdrains.  Small quantities of HMA, concrete sidewalk and steel plate beam guardrail are included in this contract.  Areas disturbed adjacent to the alley will be restored with 550 square yards of mulch and with 120 square yards of sod.

For further information, please visit the Construction Projects page.