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Community Survey
2016 National Citizens Survey

The City of Highland Park conducts a community survey to gauge overall community satisfaction and to receive valuable resident feedback.  The City uses the National Citizen Survey (NCS) to conduct the survey and then analyzes the results. 

 The survey focuses on eight areas: community quality, design and inclusiveness, public safety, environmental sustainability, recreation and wellness, civic engagement, and public trust. In addition to the default questions asked by the survey, this year's community survey will also include questions on effectiveness of City communications, business development/attraction and sustainability issues.   


  • April 27 - May 11: Surveys are mailed to randomly selected residents
  • June 2:    Opt-in web survey link is available to all residents interested in taking the survey
  • May 4  -   Jun 15: NCS collects response data    
  • June 15 - July 6: Survey analysis and report writing
  • July 6:     Draft report available for review by City officials
  • July 20:   Final report available
  • July 25:   Results are presented to the City Council


2016 Community Survey 

2012 Community Survey 


See NCS's FAQs for more information.

Please direct any questions or comments to Heather McFarland at (847) 926-1036.