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Reduce Your Waste
The most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. Making a new product requires a lot of materials and energy. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has created a guide to reducing and reusing materials.
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Reduce Food Scraps
Most people do not realize how much food wastethey throw away everyday. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has put together a guide that shows the benefits of reducing food waste and gives some tips on ways to reduce wasted food.
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Reduce Your Mail
The City of Highland Park encourages residents and business to reduce the amount of mail they currently receive. By taking active steps towards reducing mail, residents can save time and money while keeping trees in the forest! Get your water bill e-mailed to you and pay via ACH or online.

E-bill Payment Options
Paying your bills online can save paper and reduce your carbon footprint.  The City of Highland Park offers paperless billing and payment for water bills.
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Online Utility Services
Review your transaction history and sign up for e-billing online.
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Other Online Services
There are other services that can be completed online including paying invoices online and paying for business registration renewals.
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Reduce Junk Mail
The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 50% of mail is thrown away without ever being opened.  There are several ways to reduce junk mail.
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