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Water Plant Upgrade
The City has made significant improvements to increase the drinking water output from 21 million gallons per day (MGD) to 30 MGD using newer treatment technology in the same water plant footprint. The City has ensured a continuous supply of safe drinking water to the residents of Highland Park; as well as, the neighboring communities served by this Plant during this process.  Work remains on track for substantial completion at the end of 2014 and all punch list items finished early in 2015.

Major Work Completed
    • Membrane Filtration System Facility built into existing portion of the Water Treatment Plant
    • Updated or built chemical storage areas
    • Decommissioned the old Conventional Filter System
    • Installed new Low Lift Pumps
    • Installed new diesel generators
    • Installed new Access Control and CCTV systems
    • Updated boilers and ancillary systems
    • Installed new HVAC system
    • Repaved and stripped the surrounding asphalt
    • Roof and internal demolition and rebuild of the Wash Water Reclamation Building
    • SCADA integration of new equipment
    • Installed new Security and Fire Alarm systems
    • Clearwell improvements
    • Installed new Automatic Transfer Switches, Switchgear and Transformers
    • Painted and insulated pipes
    • Updated the restroom and Water Treatment Plant to be ADA compliant

    Before Construction

    • Construction bids opened on November 16, 2012 and was awarded to Joseph J. Henderson & Son, Inc.
    • The consideration of adoption of the Upgrade Project was presented to City Council during the December 10, 2012 City Council Meeting.
    • On January 14, 2013 the pilot program arrived at the Water Treatment Plant. The Illinois EPA requires two months of testing of the membrane filters. Pilots are small scale preliminary studies to evaluate the new filters prior to construction.
    • On February 8, 2013 a public kickoff meeting was held at the Police Station. Public Works Director, Ramesh Kanapareddy, introduced the team that will perform the Water Plant upgrade work. These include:
      • JJ Henderson & Son – General Contractor
      • Evoqua Water Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Siemens Water Technology) - Membrane Filtration System CDM Smith - Design Engineers
      • Cummin NPower - Generators
      • Commonwealth Edison - Power Supply Upgrade
      • On hand to meet the team were Councilman Blumberg, then Deputy City Manager Ghida Neukirch, Village Managers and staff of the City’s wholesale water system partners: Deerfield, Lincolnshire and Bannockburn; as well as, representatives of the North Shore Sanitary District and the Park District of Highland Park.
    • The groundbreaking celebration held at the Water Plant on February 15, 2013 was attended by our Mayor and Council members Higginson, Blumberg, Frank and Kaufman. They were joined by former Mayors Pierce and Geraci, elected officials and staff from Deerfield, Highland Park Park District, School District 112, Highland Park Library Board, contractors, design engineers, residents and City staff to commemorate the culmination of 15 years of discussion and planning and the beginning of a two-year effort to upgrade the George B. Prindle Water Treatment Plant.

    Large diameter pipe demolition work in the Low Lift pump room.Low Lift pump room demolition work.


     Large diameter pipe demolition work in the Low Lift Pump Room

    Drilling of wells for clearwell perimemter dewatering system.Basin 3.JPG

    Left:  Construction of the new Membrane Filtration System Facility in the space of the demolished Flocculation Basins 5 & 6 and Sedimentation Basin #3.
    Right:  Drilling of wells for the Clearwell Perimeter Dewatering system.

    Installation of the West Raw Water Conduit in the Membrane Facility.Installation of the West Raw Water Conduit in the Membrane Facility.

    Installed the new west raw water conduit in the Membrane Facility.

    New Magnetic flow Meter in the West Raw Water Line.Cutting the 30 inch West Raw Water line.

    Left:  Demolition of the west raw water line in preparation for installation of the strainers and a magnetic flow meter.
    Right:  Installed a new Magnetic Flow Meter in the west raw water line.

    Concrete pourRe-bar wall installation.

    Left:  Poured 178 cubic yards of concrete to create the lower level floor of the Membrane Facility.
    Right:  Installation of re-bar to create the lower level walls in the Membrane Facility.