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Commission Details
The Highland Park Plan Commission was created in 1927 under a provision of state law which empowers the mayor and City Council to appoint City residents to oversee the preparation of regulations, plans and programs pertinent to development within the City.

The Plan Commission makes recommendations to the City Council concerning land use development plans and regulations. The Plan Commission:
  • Prepares and periodically updates the Comprehensive Plan for the present and future development or redevelopment of the City. No amendment to the Comprehensive Plan can be adopted by the City Council unless it has first been submitted to the Plan Commission.
  • Prepares and periodically updates the Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance.
  • Establishes reasonable standards of design for subdivisions and reviews all subdivision applications to ensure conformance with these standards.
  • Establishes reasonable standards of design for planned unit developments and reviews all planned development applications to ensure conformance with these standards.
  • Reviews applications for special use permits, special exceptions, Zoning Ordinance text and map amendments, and other proposals related to the development and use of land within the City of Highland Park.

Application Review
Applications for subdivision, planned unit developments and special use permits are reviewed by the Plan Commission and a recommendation is made to City Council for approval or denial. It is the City Council who takes final action. Occasionally, the City Council will return a matter to the Plan Commission for additional consideration.
The Plan Commission does not have authority to revise the zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance or the zoning map. Rather, the commission makes recommendations regarding such matters to the City Council who is authorized to make such revisions. It is important to note that the City Council is not bound to implement a Plan Commission recommendation; however, they do rely on the expertise and careful analysis of the Plan Commission.