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Business & Economic Development Commission
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  • City Hall 
    1707 St. Johns Ave.
    Highland Park, IL 60035
  • For more information, please contact staff liaison Carolyn Hersch at (847) 926-1027 or by email
  • Paul Miller, Chair - Term expires 2016*
  • Paul Cox, Vice Chair - Term expires 2017*
  • Amy Amdur - Term expires 2019*
  • William Dytrych - Term expires 2019               
  • Doug Hart - Term expires 2017*
  • Jeff Lichtman - Term expires 2017*
  • Sheryl Oberman - Term expires 2019*

*May be re-appointed to an additional four-year term.

  • Ginny Glasner, Chamber of Commerce, Ex-Officio Member             
  • Michael Natinsky, Student Representative, Term Expires 6/2017
  • Alyssa Knobel, City Council Liaison
  • Carolyn Hersch, Staff Liaison

The Business and Economic Development Commission consists of seven voting members: Residents with business expertise, one non-voting ex officio member of the City Council, and one representative of the Chamber of Commerce.

The BEDC is empowered hereby to review, advise and make recommendations to the City Council regarding any or all projects being undertaken in the commercial, industrial, and residential/office zoning districts of promotes and fosters business and development in the City of Highland Park in an advisory capacity to the City Council.

The purpose of the BEDC is to: (1) prepare and recommend to the City Council development programs which are designed to achieve the goals and objectives of the City's official Master Plan that pertains to economic restructuring and development within goals in the community's commercial, industrial, and residential/office zoning districts; and (2) complete any other related tasks as may be directed to the BEDC by the City Council.

Make recommendations to the City Council concerning plans, projects, and actions to enhance the beauty of the City of Highland Park through its business districts, neighborhoods, and gateways.

The plans, projects and actions which constitute the BEDC's recommended development program need not be directly related to a goal or objective set forth in the Master Plan so long as such plans, projects or actions are, in the BEDC's view, reasonably likely to foster economic development in the City's commercial, industrial, and residential/office zoning districts. Projects of the BEDC may include recommendations regarding, but are not limited to, commercial and office developments, industrial developments, and other mixed use developments, or any other tasks as may be directed to the BEDC by the City Council.

The BEDC may hold public hearings as deemed necessary to seek public input on projects under review by the BEDC. 
For more information, please contact Carolyn Hersch, staff liaison to the Business and Economic Development Commission, at (847) 926-1027 or by email.

2013 Business Recognition Awards
Awards honor those businesses that have been part of the community for over 50 years.
  • Guy Scopelliti Original Landscaping – 58 Years - 1282 Old Skokie Road
  • Highland Park Pools and Supplies - 50 years - 2860 Skokie Valley Road
  • The Art Center of Highland Park - 53 years - 1957 Sheridan Road
  • Birchwood Tennis Club - 55 years - 1174 Park Avenue West
  • Warren Sand Company - 60 years - 612 Laurel Avenue
  • Anton's Fruit Ranch - 60 years - 300 Skokie Valley Road
  • Associated Allergists & Asthma Specialists - 61 years - 1849 Green Bay Road
  • Highland Park Community Nursery School and Day Care Center - 61 years - 1850 Green Bay Road
  • Altman Dental - 62 years - 1770 First Street
  • Music  Institute of Chicago - 61 years - 1991 Sheridan Road
  • Old Elm Club - 100 years - 800 Old Elm Road
  • Exmoor Country Club - 700 Vine Avenue

2013 Beautification Awards
The award recognizes Highland Park businesses whose overall appearance integrates aesthetics, consistency, and the environment within the community.

  • Retail: Style Shack, 1839 Second Street 
  • Restaurant: Merlo's, 581 Roger Williams Avenue
  • Services: Highland Park Hospital, 777 Park Avenue West
  • Auto Dealership: Porsche Exchange, 2300 Skokie Valley Road 
  • Office/Apartment/Condo: Renaissance Place, 1849 Green Bay Road