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General Police FAQ's

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1. If we want to have a block party, what do we need to do?
2. Are there any requirements for commercial filming?
3. When and where can I be fingerprinted?
4. If I want to have a garage sale, are there any limitations?
5. What is the difference between a garage sale and an estate sale?
6. Do you have an internship program for college students?
7. How do I dispute my parking ticket?
8. How do I contest a red light camera citation?
9. How and where can I pay my red light camera citation?
10. What are my payment options for a red light camera citation?
11. What are the soliciting hours?
12. Can I solicit door-to-door?
13. What do I get when I receive a traffic ticket?
14. What are my options when I receive a traffic ticket?
15. Who should I call if I have questions about my traffic ticket?
16. What can I use as bond for my traffic ticket?
17. Where is the court located?
18. What should I do if I mailed payment to the court and have not received my driver’s license?
19. What do I do if I have a wildlife problem?
20. What time is curfew?
21. Where do I obtain a permit or hang tag to park at the train stations?
22. Can I get a temporary handicapped permit?
23. What are the hours for construction noise?
24. When should I call 9-1-1?
25. Who should I call if my electricity goes out?
26. Who should I call if there is water in my basement?
27. What should I do if I hear the tornado siren?
28. What should I do if the Lightning Prediction System sounds?
29. Can Highland Park Police Officers be hired to perform private security or traffic control at a private function?